What does this year have in store for you? Finally having that dream pool of yours installed possibly? With more people staying at home and residential pool installs at an all-time high, there is undeniably no better time than right now to start developing ideas for your pool project! While it may seem like an intimidating task, there are ways to alleviate some of the stresses that come along with such an important decision. Of course, the best way to feel confident as you enter this process is to generate a cohesive design for you to reference as your project begins to commence. At Tomich Landscape Design and Construction, we’re here to help with just that.

What You Should Be Thinking About Before You Start Your In-Ground Pool Project

By Adam Tomich

I. Initial Considerations

Let’s talk about what to incorporate into our design first. What do you desire in your outdoor pool space? Do you have visions of a waterfall cascading down a stone veneered spa into a curvature of sparkling blue water? How about designating a specific extension of your pool patio to soak up the sun on a row of chaise lounge chairs? Maybe you’ll even need some protection for yourself or guests from the sun, with a covered pergola. How about entertaining your friends for a pool party while cooking on your outdoor kitchen, bringing that indoor comfort and functionality to your outdoor space?

Do you see yourself during the evening hours surrounded by your family enjoying a fire pit while landscape lights illuminate your beautiful specimen trees, plants and flowers? Maybe you have even ripped pages out of specific features you’ve seen in catalogs or magazines? Prior to creating each pool design, we meet with you to thoroughly discuss all of these important details. Our inquiries with you will range from questions pertaining to your lifestyle, design style, and of course your budget. This initial consultation is intended to assist us in providing you with the most accurate pool project design that best meets the characteristics of your life. Remember, it’s your dream pool project and identifying your desires is essential in moving forward to the next phase of the design process.

Now that we have determined your needs, let’s talk about how our design is going to help in analyzing your outdoor space. Location is imperative. Where is the space most practical? Where will the sun be at its maximum exposure, giving you the most hours of light and warmth for you to enjoy your project? Let’s consider existing structures on the premises and how the pool will make sense within these parameters. What is the topography of your land? Do you need a retaining wall? Do you know the proper setback from your property line? How is the drainage in your outdoor space? Is there ledge to consider before excavation? Do you have an existing fence? In most states, a pool fence will be required by code as a safety element. However, in Massachusetts for instance, a new code has been implemented allowing for an automatic pool cover to serve as this safety barrier. With an automatic cover, all doors with direct access to the pool will have to be equipped with an alarm which produces an audible warning when the door is opened.

Now, do you desire a generally less expensive, quicker install option like a liner pool or are you seeking the ultimate highly durable Gunite pool, able to be custom built to any shape or size? Are you thinking of a standard chlorine treated pool or maybe a trending salt water application saving money on maintenance products? Will you need to continue a professional relationship with your pool company moving forward with the maintenance and care of you pool? All of these elements are easy to overlook but will be factors in the installation process.

Deciding the viewpoint of your outdoor space from the interior of the house is equally as important. Do you prefer a specific room that will serve as the extension from your house to the pool area?

II. Hiring your contractors and choosing the right materials

You’ve given thought to the variables that you would like to see incorporated into your pool project; now it’s time to find a pool company for the install of the pool itself. Research is an essential part in starting the process; therefore, the decision to pull the trigger is often time consuming. Obviously, the company and the team that installs your pool will play a large role in the success and longevity of your dream project. To simplify this part of the process for you, we have created professional relationships with some of the most reputable pool companies as well as plumbers, electricians and fencing companies in the Berkshires and nearby New York and Connecticut. It is our goal to help you find the perfect fit to start the construction project off right.

We understand that each project has unique components, budget and goals. So, with that said, let’s have some fun together and start nailing down the materials and variables that will personalize your pool project to really meet your lifestyle and interests. Hardscape patios, walls, staircases, outdoor kitchens, fire pits, fencing, drainage, grading, full scale plantings, lighting, sod installs are all potential factors in the second phase of you project layout.

Luckily for you, along with creating comprehensive designs for your pool project, we also offer expertise and professional installation of all of these components listed above as well. The true benefit of this allows our clients to eliminate the need to engage multiple contractors with different specialties.

Starting your pool project with us with a systematized design process will simply help ensure a smooth, stress free experience for you and your family. Equally as important, these preliminary steps make sure your pool project is done in an efficient manner getting you right to the use and enjoyment of your space. Our attention to detail and high standards of quality and service are reflected throughout the entire process of design and installation and we look forward to guiding you through a pleasant experience in developing your dream pool project. 

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