For over forty years, Tomich Landscape Design & Construction, Inc. has created imaginative and stunning landscapes in the Berkshires of Massachusetts and nearby New York and Connecticut. Our designers, Christopher, Mark, and Adam Tomich, determine your needs and combine their ingenuity and expertise to create a beautiful and functional design tailored to your style and home environment. We can complement the design with a full-service installation division performing excavation and earth work, drainage solutions, hardscape installation, and many diverse styles of planting implementation and garden types.

Our attention to detail and high standards of quality and service are reflected throughout the entire process of design and installation. Your design could reflect a small garden space outside your home or business or entail a more involved comprehensive design layout of your outdoor living spaces. Having a great network of architects, general contractors and pool contractors, coupled with our own highly skilled team, we can ensure and guide you through a pleasant experience in developing any landscape environment you desire.
Christopher & Mary Tomich
Owner / Operators
Client Liaison & Office Manager
Mark & Susie Tomich
Owner / Operators

From left to right: Matthew Duane, Matthew Ketchen, Susie Tomich, Mark Tomich, Christopher Tomich, Mary Tomich, Adam Tomich, Chris Delmaro. Camera shy: Tom Furcht, Joe Mcspirit.

Chris Tomich
Owner / Operator
“Over the years, I am happy to know that being part of the landscape field was the right choice for me. The opportunity to be creative in step with nature is just part of me. To be able to shape this professional career with my family, crews and clients has been truly an inclusive endeavor. Each day in this field presents different challenges and opportunities in creating lasting, beautiful, soothing landscapes for our clients. Working with our clients to shape their outside world has been so rewarding. Working with my hands – whether it is with a sharp, number 2 pencil or a beat-up shovel, keeps me content and grounded. Last, but not least, just being part of nature is the best!”
Mark Tomich
Owner / Operator
“I started at the very young age of 13 working with my father and quickly developed a love for transforming outdoor spaces. I studied my dad and his interactions with clients and was so impressed with his ability to, on the fly, develop a drawing and design for a space and totally grasp the potential of that blank canvas. Learning from his styles and keen sense of vision, my love for landscape design grew. Since that moment, it has been my pleasure and privilege to be able to use my hands everyday creating lasting, functional and beautiful landscapes and outdoor living spaces for some really amazing people.”
Photo of Adam Tomich
Adam Tomich
project manager / designer / sales
“As a 3rd generation landscape enthusiast, I always had a pretty good understanding as to what I was meant to do with my life. Just as my father was inspired by his father before him, I had the privilege of observing my dad, grandfather, uncles and all of the great employees they had throughout the years produce stunning landscapes. To see firsthand just how much of a positive impact they were having on their clients’ lives resonated with me. Meaningful and lasting relationships were shaped between our company and our clients through art and creation. That for me, is the most rewarding part of my career. To be able to personally have such an impact on how a person perceives the experience of their outdoor space is incredibly fulfilling. Every project is a new canvas and with each client being so different, it really allows me to embrace so many different styles and variations within the craft that I love. I’m lucky to be able to be so creative with my life and I get to do it with my family which is pretty great.”
Photo of Tyrus Benoit
tyrus benoit
maintenance / fleet manager
Tyrus has quickly become a valuable asset here at Tomich. His optimistic and positive attitude, willingness to learn and attention to detail complements each project he works on perfectly.
Matt Ketchen
Matt has been with our company for over ten years. He is loyal, skilled and will give you the shirt off his back to make sure you have what you need every day on every job. He is jam-packed full of life facts and you will learn something new every day you are around him. He is a most valuable asset to our company
Chris is an incredibly hard-working member of our team who is continuously aiming to please and will go the extra mile for every step that is required of him every day. His positivity is infectious to be around and he makes each project that much more fun to work on which affects the overall outcome of each job he is a part of. Chris is a huge asset to our company.
Joe is a true pro. His textbook and wide-ranging craftsmanship speaks for itself. And that’s a good thing because otherwise you might not hear anything at all 😊. His quiet and witty sense of humor makes him fun to be around and ensures you will never have a dull day.
Robert McDonald
robert mcdonald


2 Bobcat skidsteers S250 series
2 Kubota excavators KX121 series
1 Kubota loader KX121 series
2 DOT-compliant towing trailers
2 6-ton 4WD dump trucks
6 4WD pickup trucks
Miscellaneous: 4 Stihl cut-off saws, sod cutter, 2 plate compactors, 3 chainsaws, stair clamps, 2 self-contained suction stone lifters
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