From Matthew Tomich's first foray into the Berkshires to the thriving multigenerational business of today, the Tomich family was born to create and inspire! 

Matthew and Garnella Tomich came to the Berkshires as newlyweds in the mid-1950s. There, along with his good friend from college, Donald Ward, they purchased the former Dolby’s Nursery in the heart of Great Barrington, Massachusetts. After changing the name to Ward’s Nursery, Donald, a horticulturist, managed the nursery while Matt, a landscape architect, handled landscape construction.

After many successful years in partnership with Don, Matt decided to pursue his dream of establishing a family company, one in which his sons would have the opportunity to become intricately involved, and established Matthew Tomich Landscaping in 1975. Their operation thrived in the Berkshires until 1981 when Matt and Garnella made the tough decision to move the company and their family to Venice, Florida to pursue year-round work in the booming southern economy.

In Florida, his three sons Christopher, Mark, and Peter would decisively establish themselves within the company and the landscape design and construction industry. In 1982, Matt’s second son Mark migrated back north to the Berkshires where he joined Ward’s Nursery to operate their landscape construction division, just as his father had done earlier.

The Berkshires called again in 1988 when Matthew and Garnella returned north and joined Mark and his wife Susie. Together they established what is now known as Tomich Landscape Design & Construction. Meanwhile, Christopher and Peter ran their own division in Venice until 1994, when Christopher and his family returned north as well. Mark and Christopher have been creating imaginative and stunning landscapes in the Berkshires ever since, together operating Tomich Landscape Design & Construction out of Sheffield, while Peter continues to run a very successful division in Florida.

Most recently, Christopher’s son Adam and his family have found their way back to the Berkshires and joined the business to continue the legacy, services, and inspirational creations of Tomich Landscape Design & Construction for many years to come.

Now happily retired, Matthew and Garnella delight in watching their sons and family thrive, taking extra pride in knowing the company is on its third generation of landscape enthusiasts. Each and every one of us looks forward to collaborating with you and cementing you as a part of our history as well!


Not just a passion. A life's purpose.


Matt Tomich received the National Landscape Association award from Pat Nixon at the White House on April 5, 1974 for this outstanding landscape design at General Electric in Pittsfield.


For Christmas one year, knowing money was tight and his five children were expecting presents, Matthew Tomich used his artistic ability and drew his wife, Garnella Jean a picture of her favorite tree, the Bonsai tree and gave it to her as her gift. That very drawing later became the logo for Tomich Landscape Design & Construction.
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